C4 Internet Only Book Sale #4!

C4 Internet Only Book Sale #4!
Build Your Numismatic Library

The Colonial Coin Collectors Library is deacquisitioning the following duplicate books from its inventory at fixed prices. The books are being offered at below market value to C4 members only. Limit two books per member every 3 months. Shipping included on orders totaling over $50. Junior C4 members (members 18 or under) may purchase up to three titles at half the list price (shipping is free on all orders to junior members). Books are sold first come first serve. In order to purchase, please contact Librarian Leo Shane in order to verify the book’s availability at: lubrarian@colonialcoins.org. If the book is still available, Leo will confirm and provide payment instructions. Please check the C4 Newsletter for other offerings.

  1. Anton, William T. & Bruce Kesse, The Forgotten Coins of the North American Colonies, Krause Publications, Iola WI, 1992 Hard Cover Copy, Very Good, No Stamps $65
  2. Baker, Warren S., Medallic Portraits of Washington, Krause Publications, Iola WI, 1965, Hard Cover Copy, (Reprint of 1885 Work) From the Library of Mike Ringo, (C4 Stamp, Very Good) $20
  3. Bowers and Merena Auction Catalog, The Frederick B. Taylor Collection, 26-28 March 1987, New York NY, Softcover (No Stamps or Writing, Spine has Rubs including a large one on the bottom, Good Condition) (A required catalog from any Connecticut copper collector’s library) $44
  4. McCawley & Grellman Auction Catalog, Third Annual C4 Convention Sale, 8 November 1997, Boston MA, Softcover (No Stamps or Writing, Spiral Bound, Good Condition) (The Official 1997 C4 Auction Sales) $15
  5. Vlack, Robert A., An Illustrated Catalogue of the French Billon Coinage in the Americas, C4 Publications, 2004 (C4 Stamp, Very Good,) $75
  6. Maris, Edward, The Coins of New Jersey with Plate, Philadelphia PA, 1881 (Reprint by Quarterman Publications, Lawrence MA, 1974) Large format 16.5” X 11” (No Stamps, Good to Very Good with Dust Cover) $95
  7. Jordan, Louis, John Hull the Mint and the Economics of Massachusetts Coinage, C4 Publications, Lebanon NH, 2002. New, No Stamps. $12.
  8. Newman, Eric P., Coinage of Colonial Virginia – Numismatic Notes and Monographs Number 135, The American Numismatic Society, New York NY, 1956 (C4 and Price Stamp, Good to Very Good) $10.
  9. Newman, Eric P., The Secret of the Good Samaritan Shilling, The American Numismatic Society, New York NY, 1959 (Numismatic Notes and Monographs #142) (C4 Stamp, Good) $25.
  10. Scott, Kenneth, Counterfeiting in Colonial Rhode Island (Hardcover), The Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence RI, 1960 (C4 Stamp, Very Good) $20