C4 Internet Only Book Sale #2!

C4 Internet Only Book Sale #2!
Build Your Numismatic Library

The Colonial Coin Collectors Library is deacquisitioning the following duplicate books from its inventory at fixed prices. The books are being offered at below market value to C4 members only. Limit two books per member every 4 months. Shipping included on orders totaling over $50. Junior C4 members (members 18 or under) may purchase up to three titles at half the list price (shipping is free on all orders to junior members). Books are sold first come first serve. In order to purchase, please contact Librarian Leo Shane in order to verify the book’s availability at: librarian@colonialcoins.org. If the book is still available, Leo will confirm and provide payment instructions. Please check the C4 Newsletter for other offerings.

Available Titles

Connecticut Historical Society, Tercentenary Celebration, Connecticut Bills of Credit and Coins 1709-1788, Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford CT, 1935 (14 page booklet) (C4 Stamp on back cover, Good to Very Good). $8.

Durst, Sanford J., Comprehensive Guide to American Colonial Coinage, Sanford J. Durst, New York NY, 1976 (2 copies available, one No Stamps, Very Good, One Signed by Durst, C4 and EAC Stamps, Very Good). Signed copy = $18, Unsigned copy = $12.50.

Elder, Thomas L., The New Rare Coin Book – A Comprehensive Work on Numismatics Coin Premiums Numismatists Coin Collecting, Thomas Elder, New York NY, 1934 (C4 Stamp, Good to Very Good). $29.

Frossard, Ed, Franco-American Jetons Fully Described and Illustrated, Frank & Laurese Katen, Silver Spring MD, 1977; 17 Page Reprint of 1899 publication. (C4 Stamp, Very Good). $6.

Fuld, George, Early Washington Medals, American Journal of Numismatics #14, The American Numismatic Society, New York City, NY, 2002 (Signed by the author, C4 Stamp, Very Good). $22.

Greenword, Malachy, A Journey Through the Monkalokian Rain Forests In Search Of The Spiney Fubbaduck, Coins of Beeston, Beeston Notts UK, 1993 (Study Of Regal Imitations, Lightweight Tokens and Various Medallets Circulated In The Later Part Of The 18th Century) (51 page copy, C4 Stamp, Good to Very Good). $18.50.

Jordan, Louis, John Hull the Mint and the Economics of Massachusetts Coinage, C4 Publications, Lebanon NH, 2002 (5 copies, one signed by the author to unnamed Eric Newman, Very Good, one C4 Stamp, Like New, 2 No Stamps New). Signed copy = $15. Unsigned copies = $10.

Kenney, Richard D., Struck Copies of Early American Coins, Sanford Durst, New York NY, 1982 (Ex Library with Stamps, Underlining, Good to Very Good) $20.

Kleeberg, John M., Circulating Counterfeits of the Americas, American Numismatic Society, New York NY, 2000 Cover is upside down (ANS COAC #14, 7 November 1998) (C4 Stamp, Very Good)  $20.

Lasser, Joseph R. and Gail G. Greve, William E. Pittman, John A. Caramia Jr., The Coins of Early America – World Trade Coins of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg VA, 1997 (2 copies, One C4 Stamp, Very Good, One No Stamps, Like New ) (Two copies available)  VG = $10. Like new = $15.

Madigan, Thomas F., The New Jersey State Coppers – An Attribution Guide with Information on the Die Stages, the Condition Census and Updated Rarity Ratings, Thomas Madigan, Miami FL, 1997 (Binder) (C4 Stamp, Very Good) $40.

Madigan, Thomas F., Variety Checklist and Rarity Ratings for American Colonial Issues and State Coinages, Thomas Madigan, Miami FL, 23 September 1998 (C4 Stamp, Good to Very Good) $12.50.

Marsh John, Clip a Bright Guinea – The Yorkshire Coiners of the Eighteenth Century, Robert Hale, London UK, 1971 (Ex Library, C4 and Various Library Stamps, Good, Dust Cover Ripped, Acceptable) $40.                                            

Moore, Roger, British and Irish Counterfeit Coppers of the 1700’s 7 Page Pamphlet that Contains 2 Tables and 30 High Resolution Obv and Rev Plates of Coins, Presented 25 October 2018 at the C4 Convention, Baltimore MD (No Stamps, Good to Very Good) $5.

New Jersey Copper Symposium, Folder of Material Presented at The Third NJ Copper Symposium, Held in conjunction with the First Annual C4 Convention – 20 October 1995, (Includes Walter Breen’s 1955 Unpublished Manuscript on NJs as interpreted by Ray Williams, 135 pages) (C4 Stamp, Good to Very Good)  $55.

Newman, Eric P., Coinage of Colonial Virginia – Numismatic Notes and Monographs Number 135, The American Numismatic Society, New York NY, 1956 (C4 and Price Stamp, Good to Very Good) $10.

Newman, Eric P., The Secret of the Good Samaritan Shilling, The American Numismatic Society, New York NY, 1959 (Numismatic Notes and Monographs #142) (C4 Stamp, Good) $25.

Newman, Eric P. & Richard G. Doty, Studies on Money in Early America, The American Numismatic Society, New York NY, 1976 (C4 Stamp, Mike Ringo Estate), The Article “North American Colonial Coinage Under the French Regime 1640-1763” by Walter Breen has been cut from this book.  No other articles are affected.  Acceptable  $2.