2020 C4 National Convention


UPDATE:  9/03/2020

Whitman has announced that their Winter Expo originally scheduled to be held in Baltimore has been cancelled.  They have, however, also announced that they are searching for an alternate location to possibly still hold the show.  The outcome of that search remains to be seen.

However, even if Whitman does secure an alternate location for the show, C4 will not be moving its Convention to the new venue.  Our decision to cancel this year’s Convention and all official C4 activities at the physical venue, wherever that may be, will stand.

The Board’s decision is in no way tied to the Stack’s Bowers auctions to be held during the Convention.  The decision as to how the auctions will be handled is completely up to Stack’s Bowers.  Whether they move them to the new venue, should one be found, or hold them as online sessions only is, again, entirely up to Stack’s Bowers.


After much discussion and careful consideration, your Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the annual C4 Convention, originally scheduled to be held in conjunction with the Whitman Winter Coin Show in November 2020. This decision was made with the health and safety of our membership as our first priority.

And while Whitman has not yet released any official notification as to whether or not the show will be held, regardless of whether it is or is not held, there will be no official C4 presence or activities at the show. This includes cancellation of any and all Club sponsored social gatherings, presentations, meetings, and the C4 table gathering area on the bourse. The C4 sponsored dealer tables will still be available, as in previous years.

The Board’s decision in no way tied to the Stack’s Bowers auctions to be held during the Convention. The decision as to how the auction will be handled is completely up to Stack’s Bowers.

We are working on plans to hold most, if not all, events via online video conferencing utilizing ZOOM. We are hoping to ZOOM the EPN Memorial Lectureship Series presentations, as well as the General Membership Meeting and the various breakout presentations normally held during the day on Friday and Saturday of the Convention.

One potential benefit of holding these activities online will be the possibility of holding them at times that are more convenient and accommodating for our members in time zones other than Eastern. In addition, holding our activities online will provide an opportunity for all our membership to “attend” the Convention. In addition, the broadcasts will be open to non-members too, thereby providing C4 with exposure to a much wider audience.

Final schedules, content, and details of how this will all come about are still under discussion and planning. As the details are finalized, they will be posted on the CONVENTION page of the C4 website, so check the website often. We will publish the final schedule of events in the October C4 Newsletter and post them on the website.

Certainly, each of you may still personally decide to attend the Whitman Show, should it be held, if you so desire. Neither does the cancellation of official C4 activities prevent any dealers from setting up at the show if they so choose, should it be held. Again, the C4 Board’s decision affects only officially sanctioned and/or scheduled Club activities.

Additional Hotel Information:


The Whitman Baltimore Coin Show site lists special rate hotels for the show and can be booked thru the site.

The Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel – Recommended for convenience and security. All Social/Educational activities held here.

Marriott Inner Harbor

Holiday Inn Inner Harbor

Hampton Inn Inner Harbor at Camden Yards — a bit of a walk

Days Inn Inner Harbor (not a Whitman listed hotel, but close to the Convention Center)

Stacks Bowers is always looking for colonial consignments.


Contact Vicken Yegparian, vyegparian@stacksbowers.com

C4 Members consigning to this auction should inform Stack’s Bowers as such, so that C4 is acknowledged for the consignment.

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