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“The Copper Coins of Vermont, and Those Bearing the Vermont Name”
by Tony Carlotto


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Description by Charles Davis:
Tony Carlotto: THE COPPER COINS OF VERMONT AND THOSE BEARING THE VERMONT NAME, 2009 binding of 1998, 232 pages, 283 photographs, 4 plates, quarto, fine brown cloth stamped in copper, errata sheet bound in, fine letterpress limitation bookplate numbered and signed by the author. New. One of a limited number of copies bound by the Harcourt Bindery from recently discovered loose signatures. The binding is by all respects superior to the 1998 original and includes the errata and signed bookplate not found in the original.


The Copper Coins of Vermont,
Those Bearing the Vermont Name

by Tony Carlotto

C4 Publications 1998
The Colonial Coin Collectors Club

Introduction and appreciation by Q. David Bowers                                      ix
Preface                                                                                                                        x
Author’s Introduction                                                                                   xiii
Introduction to Collecting Vermonts                                                               1
Collecting by Type                                                                                            3
Type Sets, Grading                                                                                           4
How Vermont Coppers Were Used                                                                  5
Reuben Harmon Begins                                                                                    7
Obtaining the Legislation                                                                               10
Legends, Designs and Devices                                                                       12
Designs                                                                                                           14
Devices                                                                                                           16
Mint Building and Location                                                                           18
Machin Connection                                                                                         22
Nathan Perkin’s 1789 Journey to Vermont                                                    28
Early Vermont History                                                                                   33
Vermont Laws of Numismatic Interest                                                          37
Dies and Planchets                                                                                          40
Vermont Dies                                                                                                  41
Hubs, Punches and Matrices, Standard Bust Right Design                           44
Workhorse Dies, Tragic Dies                                                                          45
Planchets, Sources of Copper                                                                         46
Planchets, Weights and Sizes                                                                         50
Undertypes and Overtypes                                                                             51
Planchet Traits                                                                                                52
Comparisons of Nova Constellatio Obverses with Vermont Reverses          55
Vermont Landscape Comparisons                                                                  61
The Letter I and Number 1 punches                                                               62
Rarity Notes                                                                                                    66
Rarity Table                                                                                                    67
Plates                                                                                                               68
Wood Cuts from Slafter and Crosby                                                              72
A Guide to the Varieties                                                                                 75
Emission Sequence                                                                                         191
Auction Catalogs of Interest to Vermont Collectors                                      192
Early Vermont Literature                                                                                196
20th Century Literature                                                                                   208
Pricing                                                                                                             211
Bibliography                                                                                                   212
Credits and Acknowledgements                                                                    214
History of this Book and the Author’s Biography                                         216