C4’s Publication Guidelines for Prospective Authors

The following guidelines will be followed for all prospective authors who wish to have their manuscript published by C4. The manuscript will be sent to the publications committee consisting of the President of C4 and three sub-groups.

Step 1. An author calls the president and tells him about a book project that he wishes to get published. The president does a quick analysis and deems it either a potential project or rejects it outright giving written reasons to the author. If the work is tentatively accepted by the president, then the president asks the author to send copies of the manuscript to members of sub-group #1.

Step 2. This sub-group 1, would take an in-depth look at the work and determine whether this manuscript is worthy of publication and if so, is it in the condition for sub-group 2 ( the editors and proof-readers, to deal with it or does it really need further (months or years) work by the author to get it in a publishable state. If this is needed, the cost of this work is the responsibility of the author, unless prior arrangements have been made with C4, meaning its President and the Board.

Step 3. Assuming that it is near ready for publication, this group (sub-group 1) then sends the manuscript to sub-group 2, for editing and proof reading. At the same time, this sub-group (sub-group 2) notifies sub-group 3 who then start the financial ball rolling and get quotes for the project. Sub-Group 3 would also make recommendations to the board as to the number of books to be printed, who is to distribute the book and the format of the book, i.e., paper weight, type of paper, binding, cover, etc. Before any work is done by sub-group 2, the board is notified of the cost of the project by sub-group 3 and a vote is taken by the Board to determine if that cost is justifiable. If it is, then sub-group 2 begins its work at editing and proof-reading and simultaneously work is begun by sub-group 3.

Prospective authors should contact Dave Menchell, Chairman of the Publications Committee or Jim Rosen, President of C4 to receive and review book printing options.