C4: Awards


This award honors the lifetime work of Q. David Bowers in the field of colonial numismatics. This annual award is presented to the individual in our club who best exemplifies the character and enthusiasm of the celebrated numismatist, Q. David Bowers, and who advances our knowledge of colonial coins and related material.
Previous recipients of this award are:

  1. Christopher R. McDowell in 2019 for his extensive and revealing research surrounding speculation into fiscal paper and Connecticut coppers; 
  2. Gary Trudgen in 2020 for his exhaustive research spanning a number of decades into the production of counterfeit and imitation coinage by unauthorized mints in NYC and near Newburgh New York;
  3. Erik Goldstein and David McCarthy in 2021 for their investigative research into Continental currency pieces;
  4. Julia Casey in 2022 for her research into the Fugio Coppers restrikes, the Continental Currency Pieces, and the Crane Ring of Counterfeiters in Rupert, Vermont; 
  5. And 2023…