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Information about our Newsletter

The C4 Newsletter (C4N) is a proud tradition dating back to the club’s initial formation. Each edition contains interesting and informative articles about early American numismatics, as well as related news, announcements, commentary, sponsored advertisements and free-to-member classified advertisements. C4N articles run the gamut from light and basic to serious and advanced. The editors strive for a balanced mix that offers something for every member, regardless of experience or specialty. C4N is published and mailed to active members quarterly, in January, April, July and October. From time to time, we also include special supplemental issues.


2012: The American Numismatic Association awarded C4 Newsletter Editor Syd Martin Second-Place in their “Specialty Club Publications Contest”.

2013: The C4 Newsletter was selected by a panel of judges to receive the Third-Place ANA Outstanding Specialty Club Publication Award. The Outstanding Club Publications Awards were presented at the ANA District Representative meeting on Saturday, August 16, 2013.

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Plea for Articles

The C4 Newsletter (C4N) thrives on articles contributed freely by members and guests. Without them, there would be no C4N. Anyone, regardless of writing experience or expertise, can submit articles for publication. These need not be long and heavily researched. In fact, we encourage short articles (one-half to two pages) so that we can have a wide variety of topics, viewpoints and experiences in each issue. Authors need not be concerned with formatting or using perfect grammar – just send the text, in a Microsoft Word® compatible file, along with any applicable images to Editor@colonialcoins.org. The editors will collaborate with you to make it easy. First time contributors are especially welcome. Please help us continue the proud C4N tradition by putting your thoughts to paper!