C4 Convention

Schedule of Events
Thursday, November 9 – Saturday, November 11
Baltimore, Maryland

3:00 pm       C4 Study Group (Convention Center, room 304)
6:00 pm       C4 Social (Sheraton, Chesapeake I, 3rd floor]) C4 & EAC members
      Tickets can be purchased at the C4 Table or at the door ($25) 

This is the Zoom link for the following presentations on Thursday evening: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89006022974, the Zoom session will begin around 7:00 pm: The ID for the live Zoom event is 890 0602 2974.

It should not be necessary to enter a meeting ID, but if requested, use (will be provided).

7:00 pm       Christopher R. McDowell, et al, C4 award presentations, donated books auction
7:45 pm       Newman Lecture #1 (Mr. W. Shelby) “Metal Detecting and its Impact on Colonial Numismatics” (Live Streamed)
8:45 pm       Continuation of donated book auction // Donated lots auction
9:00 pm       Newman Lecture #2 (Dr. J. Kraft) “Cache on the Barrelhead: How Hoards and Shipwrecks Have Impacted Colonial Numismatics.” (Live Streamed)

8:00 am       C4 Publications Committee meeting (Sheraton Orioles Grille)
2:00 pm       Jim Glickman; “Collecting American Colonials” (Convention Center, room 304) 
3:00 pm       C4 Study Group (Convention Center, room 304)
7:00 pm       Colonial Happening Sponsored by Stack’s Bowers Galleries (Sheraton, Camden rm., 2nd floor. See below for more details)

8:00 am       C4 Board of Directors (Board members only) (Convention Center, room 304)
9:30 am       C4 Annual Business meeting – All welcome (Convention Center, room 304)
10:30 am     Ray Williams; “Continental Currency: The Paper Money That Funded Our American Revolution” (Convention Center room, 304)




There will be Five Happening Events at this year’s C4 Convention one each for 1) Colonial Currency/Backed, Sewn, Pinned Notes; 2) Vermont Coinage; 3) New Jersey Coinage, 4) Metal Detecting Find; and 5) Counterstamped Colonial Coins. These events will take place Friday evening starting at 7:30 PM in (Room TBD in the Sheraton Hotel in Baltimore. All C4 members are welcome to participate subject to available space. There will be 10 chairs at each table (1 table for each event). Members must contact the event leader of the Happening table of interest in advance to secure a seat at the table. It is first come first serve. Food will be provided by the Club, coffee and water will be provided in the room, with other beverages available for purchase at the nearby bar. All five events will take place simultaneously so you must choose which one you want to be involved in. For security purposes, only those actively involved will be permitted in the room. Participants are asked to not bring extraneous numismatic items and to not leave their coins or paper money unattended. Participants agree to be responsible for their own items. The Club is not responsible for your stuff!

Event #1: Colonial Currency/Backed, Sewn, Pinned Notes. Table leader: Leo Shane, email: leo_j_shane@hotmail.com 

The Happening will cover the following:

Backed, Sewn, Pinned Notes. (If time permits, we will look at currency denominated in values that correspond to specific coins. ie; Pistereens, Crowns, Johannas, etc.)

You need not have notes in all three categories (Backed, Pinned, Sewn). Any note or bill you can bring will add to the conversation and fun

Event #2: Vermont Coinage Happening. Table leader: John Hoskins, email: john.r.hoskins@gmail.com

The Happening will cover the following:

1) Vermont Ryder-Richardson varieties 2 thru 8 inclusive.

You need not have examples in all of the varieties. Any coin you can bring will add to the conversation and fun! In particular, please do not hesitate to bring additional examples of a variety if they demonstrate different die states/stages, are overstruck, or have any other interesting characteristics. We are not looking for the “best” of any particular variety – rather we want to drive conversation and learning for all of the attendees.

Event #3: New Jersey Coinage Happening. Table leader: Matt Virga, email: mvirga01@gmail.com  

The Happening will cover the following:

1) Running Fox Varieties (74-bb, 75-bb, 76-cc, 77-cc, 77-dd (DS1, DS2, DS3)) in order to view the different die marriages. 

2) There will be a period of time where if you would like to bring any variety of your choosing for show and tell, we will allocate time to share!

You need not bring every variety to participate.

Event #4: Metal Detecting Finds Happening. Table leader: Wayne Shelby, email: dughistory@juno.com

The Happening will cover the following:

Colonial era metal detecting finds. This is an opportunity to share your finds and discuss metal detecting with like-minded individuals.

Event #5: Counterstamped Colonial Coins. Table leader: David Palmer, email: dp1787@outlook.com

The Happening will cover the following:

State coppers and Colonial era coins that circulated mostly in what is now America that have been counterstamped with, inter alia, makers marks, initials, names, advertising, commemoration of an event, or just all-around silly marks.